More Jaxcent Samples

Hello World in AJAX

After doing the basic "Hello, World" task, this sample also shows off some AJAX abilities of Jaxcent by turning the "Hello, World" into a dynamic pulsing string.

The sample updates every 15 milliseconds and is bandwidth-intensive, therefore an online sample has not been made available. But you can check out the HTML and Java source, and you can try out the sample in the download package.

Click Me

A simple mouse click and DOM update sample.

PDF Generation

Dynamic content, such as PDF, can be easily generated and displayed in Jaxcent.

File Upload

This sample shows file-upload processing.

Dynamic Image Drawing

Jaxcent programmers can utilize Java graphics capabilities to draw any kind of images. Following are two examples that draw images dynamically.

Forms Processing

This sample shows the automatic form processing ability of Jaxcent. This is a shopping cart application. The shopping cart does require some Java code behind it to maintain it, but all other fields (name, address, etc) are managed by Jaxcent, and just retrieved by the application when needed.