Jaxcent Samples

Following are a few sample programs using Jaxcent.


This sample simply shows the time at the server, and keeps it updated via Jaxcent. It shows how to update the HTML content from a Java thread.

Enhanced Clock

This is another clock, but uses images and a start and stop button. It also includes a dynamically created and inserted button example.

Table Cell In-Place Editing

This sample demonstrates in-place editing of table cells, and a user-interface for adding and deleting rows.

Drag and Drop Sample

This sample demonstrates dragging and dropping items.

More Samples

The above samples show a brief preview of Jaxcent's capabilities.

There are more detailed samples available, for tasks such as creating a PDF on the fly, drawing on the web-page using Java graphics API, forms handling, file upload, etc. These samples may be viewed at the more samples page.

Of particular interest may be Jaxcent's ability to be easily integrated with various third party rich user interfaces. Some samples of such integration are provided on the 3rd party integration samples page. These samples include Yahoo User Interface (YUI)'s Trees, menu systems, a calendar, and an auto-suggestion sample.