Jaxcent for .NET

Page Navigation in Jaxcent

Page navigation using HREF links work as usual in Jaxcent, of course.

However, navigation using FORM tags, with an ACTION and a TARGET, are not very compatible with Jaxcent programming. This is because a SUBMIT action is not required or recommended by Jaxcent to collect page data. Data can be collected at any time by the programer, such as when the user presses a button, or when user follows a link, etc. In addition, the task of collecting session-wide data can be fully automated by Jaxcent, without even any need for programmer action.

Therefore, the FORM tags in Jaxcent can be empty tags like

<FORM onsubmit="return false;">
with no ACTION or METHOD. For navigation in such situations, JaxcentPage provides a Navigate method which can be called from a button-click or other handlers.

GET Query Strings can be provided in Navigate or as HREF targets, and can be retrieved in the target page as using QueryString methods of JaxcentPage class.