Jaxcent for .NET

Known Problems in Jaxcent .NET

Loading Indicator

In Safari browsers, AJAX operations are included in determining if page loading is complete, therefore the "Loading" indicator shows that loading is incomplete on Jaxcent pages.

In Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers, this is not a problem.

(In the opinion of Jaxcent's author, this is a bug in Safari. Safari should become more AJAX aware rather than just AJAX capable, and should not include AJAX operations in determining status of page loading.) Obviously, this is just a small cosmetic problem, but it reflects a poor browser technical design, and it should be fixed by Safari.

Scalability Concerns

Because Jaxcent uses AJAX for its operations, only AJAX-aware load balancers can be used. (Basically, this means once an HTML page has been directed to a particular server by the load balancers, all AJAX requests from that HTML page must then also go to the same server.)

Session Serializability

Jaxcent sessions are not serializable in the current release. Therefore, load balancers must also be session-aware, and session-failover is not available. (I.e., in a server farm, if the user is connected to server X out of many available servers, and server X crashes in an uncontrolled fashion, the user is going to lose all contents of the session saved so far, instead of only losing what was on the current page.)