Jaxcent for .NET

Deployment Considerations

The location of two important Jaxcent components JaxcentDotNet23.js and JaxcentHandler.ashx needs to be verified for deployment.
  1. Check the JaxcentDotnet23.js file. This file has a line
    var JaxcentFrameworkURL = "JaxcentHandler.ashx";
    This is a "relative" reference, i.e. it assumes the JaxcentHandler.ashx is at the same level as JaxcentHandler.ashx. If this is not the case, the .js file will need to be modified, e.g.
    var JaxcentFrameworkURL = "/MyApp/Myhandlers/JaxcentHandler.ashx";
  2. If the include statements for JaxcentDotNet23.js have been using absolute form (e.g. "/JaxcentDotNet23.js" instead of "JaxcentDotNet23.js" and "../JaxcentDotNet23.js" etc.), these include statements may need to be modified to the actual location. E.g. /MyApp/MyJsFiles/JaxcentDotnet23.js.

  3. If you are using Jaxcent to write the include statement in the .aspx file via the JaxcentPage constructor that accepts a ASP page parameter, the default in a deployed virtual directory is <virtualDirectory>/JaxcentDotNet23.js. If this is not correct, you will have to tell the JaxcentFramework where this location is. This can done via the JaxcentJavaScriptURL property of JaxcentFramework. A convenient place for changing this is the application-startup in the Global.asa file.