Jaxcent for .NET

Sample Projects in C#

There are various sample Jaxcent projects provided, which can be useful for reviewing Jaxcent techniques for performing various tasks.

The sample projects are available from the "New Project" dialog, under the Visual C# Project Type, in the category "Jaxcent Samples" in "My Templates", as shown below.

A brief overview of various projects is provided below.

Sample Project Name  Project Description
Hello World ASPX  This is a basic Hello World project as discussed in the Getting Started with C# topic. This project connects Jaxcent to an ASPX file.

Hello World HTML  This is similar to Hello World ASPX, but this project connects Jaxcent to an HTML file instead of an ASPX file.

Forms Processing  This project shows the basics of retrieving data from HTML forms. There are two samples provided, one uses a Jaxcent session across multiple pages, and one operates without session on a singe page.

Tables  This actually includes several samples to show various table features available in Jaxcent.

File Uploading  This project shows uploading files using Jaxcent. The "feedback" bar is done using JavaScript, which can be adapted/modified from this project for similar projects.

Drag and Drop  This project shows Drag and Drop features available in Jaxcent.

Simple Clock  This project shows using a separate thread for output operations.

PDF Generation  This project shows creating and displaying content files (like a PDF in this example) using Jaxcent.

This samples uses the itextsharp.dll from iTextSharp PDF generation software. In order to run this sample, you must download the DLL and add a reference to it in this the project. The DLL should be available at http://itextpdf.com/download.php.

Click Me  This project inserts <P> para elements dynamically into an HTML page.

Draw Graphics  This project shows drawing in an IMG tag using System.Drawing operations.