Retrieve all form data on page. The data must be identifiable with a name or an ID. In addition to INPUT tags, also retrieves data from SELECT and TEXTAREA tags.

The returned Map maps names or ids, to values.

Multile checkboxes can have the same name and multiple values. These are separated by commas. If the checkbox (or none of the checkboxes) is not selected, there will still be a value, and this value will be an empty string.

For lists (SELECT), the value contains of a selected index, followed by a colon character and the text selected. (Convenient utility functions JaxcentObject.getSelectedIndex and JaxcentObject.getSelectedValue are available to parse it.)

Namespace: Jaxcent.Web
Assembly: Jaxcent (in Jaxcent.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public JaxcentPageData GetAllFormData()
Public Function GetAllFormData As JaxcentPageData
JaxcentPageData^ GetAllFormData()

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