This event can be used to receive intermediate notifications of upload progress. It can be used to display feedback to the user. It indicates "bytesReceived" out of "totalBytes" bytes have been received. "totalBytes" includes length of any files, plus header bytes. Exceptions during handling this event are displayed via JaxcentFramework.JaxcentExceptionHandler

Namespace: Jaxcent.Web.Html
Assembly: Jaxcent (in Jaxcent.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public event JaxcentFileUploadProgress OnUploadProgress
Public Event OnUploadProgress As JaxcentFileUploadProgress
 event JaxcentFileUploadProgress^ OnUploadProgress {
	void add (JaxcentFileUploadProgress^ value);
	void remove (JaxcentFileUploadProgress^ value);

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