If any new rows need to be inserted during table update operations, any styles to be applied to the new rows can be specified via an object of this class. (If no styles need to be applied, pass in a null instead.)

Objects of this class can be used to apply same or alternate (even/odd) styles to the rows, or a set of styles to the columns. If all new rows should have the same style, RowStyle2 is specified as null. The ColumnStyle[] array is repeatedly applied if it doesn't contain enough members, so an array of two Column styles is enough to generate an even-odd column patterns. rows that are even/odd.

Namespace: Jaxcent.Web.Html
Assembly: Jaxcent (in Jaxcent.dll) Version: (


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public class TableUpdateStyles
Public Class TableUpdateStyles
public ref class TableUpdateStyles


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The same style, to be applied to all rows. The style is applied to TR elements.
Column styles. The styles are applied to TD elements.
TableUpdateStyles(StylesList, StylesList)
Two different styles for even/odd rows. The styles are applied to TR elements.
TableUpdateStyles(StylesList, StylesList, array<StylesList>[]()[][])
Row styles for alternate rows (both styles can be same), and column styles to apply across each row.
Column styles
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First row-styles
Second row-styles
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