Mark table for its data being sent along with form data. This will cause the table data to be included in the data map, as an array of arrays of strings. The data will be saved using the specified "name" as key. The name should not conflict with any form names.

The data will also be saved in the session, if auto-session-data is set. However, the "includeInFormData" setting will not be saved and the table will not be automatically populated at next visit. Resetting the "includeInFormData" setting, as well as populating the table from the session, can be done in the page constructor.

Namespace: Jaxcent.Web.Html
Assembly: Jaxcent (in Jaxcent.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public void IncludeInFormData(
	string saveKeyName
Public Sub IncludeInFormData ( _
	saveKeyName As String _
void IncludeInFormData(
	String^ saveKeyName



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