Overload List

Name Description
Execute JavaScript code, do not wait for results. Same as ExecJavaScriptCode( code, false, null );
ExecJavaScriptCode(String, Boolean, array<Object>[]()[][])
Call JavaScript, do not wait for results.

The arguments array can contain strings, Integers, Doubles, strings, bool, Integers, Jaxcent HTML Elements, or it can be null. If the argument array is not null, the "code" is just a JavaScript function name, and must not contain the parentheses character. In this case, the characters "( )" containing any arguments are appended to the "code". The array specifies the list of parameters. If the argument array is null, the "code" is evaluated as is, as an expression. To call a function with no args, use the form ExecJavaScriptCode( "myFunction()", null, false );

If the "argsAsArray" argument is true, the JavaScript function will be called with a single argument, which will be an array. Otherwise, the "args" array will be used as a list of arguments.

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