Handle this event to process data from JavaScript methods sent by calling the "JaxcentServerRequest( args... );" function defined by the Jaxcent JavaScript file.

The JavaScript call is asynchronous and does not wait for server response -- if it is required to process a server response in JavaScript, define a function in JavaScript and call that function via ExecJavaScriptCode or EvalJavaScriptCode, from your override of this method.

If JaxcentServerRequest was called at the client with no arguments, this method is called with null args. If JaxcentServerRequest was called with 1 arg, this method is passed that arg as "cmd", the "args" is null. Otherwise, "cmd" is the first arg passed to JaxcentServerRequest, and "args" contains the rest of the args.

Namespace: Jaxcent.Web
Assembly: Jaxcent (in Jaxcent.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public event JaxcentClientRequestReceived OnClientRequestReceived
Public Event OnClientRequestReceived As JaxcentClientRequestReceived
 event JaxcentClientRequestReceived^ OnClientRequestReceived {
	void add (JaxcentClientRequestReceived^ value);
	void remove (JaxcentClientRequestReceived^ value);

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