Jaxcent for .NET: A Web Programming Framework

Jaxcent provides a web programming framework that requires no post-backs, and that makes WebForms programming as simple as WinForms programming.

Jaxcent uses AJAX to receive events from HTML pages. These events can be as simple as button clicks, or as complicated as drag-drop actions, or many other things in between.

The events can be handled by event-handlers written in C# or Visual Basic.

The C# or Visual Basic program also has full control over the contents of the web-page. The program can retrieve contents of any input fields or HTML elements in a form, can change the content and/or style of the web-page, can add new elements to the web-page, etc. The program can also present dialog message-boxes to the user.

All this is done from the original object without involving any post-backs, which

Jaxcent works within Developer Studio, and Jaxcent programs can be debugged just like any other C# or Visual Basic programs.

Jaxcent works with ASPX as well as with plain HTML.

Jaxcent can be added to existing ASPX projects without requiring any redesign or re-write of the project - it can be added on an as-needed basis to individual pages for individual features, e.g. for direct handling of a particular button click.

Jaxcent is available for download and evaluation at the download page. The installer includes several sample projects that are accessible from Developer Studio New Projects menu.

Jaxcent documentation is available at the documentation page for review. Full documentation is included in the download.